Eman Ghaleb

Eman is a 19 year old student of a high school in Teplice. She was born in Jemen in the small city of Taiz. As a 5 year old she moved with her mother to the Czech republic to live with her father, who graduated from medicine here and currently works in the hospital in Teplice. During her high school studies, she has become active in different activities strengthening harmonic co-existence of cultures in the city (especially of the Muslim and Czech community). Together with local Muslims she has organized for instance a cleaning gathering or a Friendship day with local Muslims. Together with the director of her high school, she became a target of the campaign that wanted to force the director of the school to exclude her from the high school for her publicly shared opinions and her hijab. The director strongly refused this campaign. Eman continues in both her studies and activities, aimed at taking down stereotypes about Muslims seen in media. 

Why have we chosen Eman?
Eman is foremost a really nice girl. We like her energy and dedication. She is not reluctant to what is happening around her and she takes part in changing things. She seeks opportunities to actively help others and takes effort to facilitate the co-existence of different communities. And that requires a lot of energy and courage!