Ladislava Blažková

Ladislava graduated from journalism and social work. She managed to successfully interlink both fields within her position as a spokeswoman for Liga vozíčkářů (League of wheelchair users). Laďka is not a standard speaker. Her talks are full of humor, which guides her through all life situations. She knows that most obstacles can be overcome, and she also knows that by sharing motivational mottos one can hardly make any progress in that. 
She could be just sitting home and staring at wall, and nobody would protest, because she is on wheelchair. However instead, she organizes interactive workshops that give young people an opportunity to see disabilities from different perspective. She collaborates with Amnesty International a Endowment fund Lepší vyhlídky. She likes to travel. And that are the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela or expedition to Tanzania that help her find out what more can still be done.

And why Ladislava?
Laďka is full of life. Although on wheelchair, she lives life that most people without limitations would hardly find courage to live. And she keeps her humor and open attitude towards talking about the needs of people who have some disabilities, and tries to interconnect it with the world of others.