Michal Kravčík

Michal graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Bratislava. In 1992 he has defended his doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Hydrology and hydraulics at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He is a co-founder and head of the non-governmental organization Lidé a voda (Humans and Water), whose work has been awarded by the EU and USA for democracy and civil society. He became recognized mainly thanks to his alternative water management concepts. In 1999 he received the prestigious Goldman environmental award (something like an environmental Nobel prize) for his project on withholding the rain water in the location of Tichý Potok in Levočské vrchy.

And why have we chosen Michal?
As you know, the topic of this year's TEDxYouth@Brno is Together&Apart. And you also know that the topic of water sustainability and accessibility will be one of the key topic for the generations to come. Thus, we will need cross-generation cooperation to succeed. And we should start working on this together as soon as possible.