Vojta Kundrát

Vojta is since high school interested in new technologies for water cleaning. He studies in doctoral study programme at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, and works as a nanotechnogogist. He is also an active member of the charity and missionary organization called Ifakara, which for years helps chapelries, orphanages and villages in Tanzania. He helps local communities in these places by educating people in analytic chemistry of water, its cleaning and implementation of technologies that are not dependent on electricity.

And why have we chosen Vojta?
Vojta has caught our attention by his enthusiasm for his field of research since young age - because that is one of those stories that make the difference. Nanotechnology is a science discipline of the future. It is not visible with a naked eye, but that makes it even more interesting. Vojta changes the world to the better by his activities, not just words, which is great.